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Anyone for coffee?


I welcome this opportunity to tell you about our company, even though I believe -and no doubt you will agree with me- that an even better way to do so would be over a cup of freshly-brewed coffee.


In my opinion coffee is much more than a mere beverage. It presents us with an opportunity to interact with others and make new friends. Coffee is the perfect excuse to enjoy a break and recharge our batteries. It marks the commencement of a hard day's work, the delicious finales to a meal and the initiation of a long after-dinner chat. Coffee is your loyal companion as you leaf through the paper or engage friends in stimulating conversation.


No matter what the occasion, at Cafés Oquendo we strive to produce quality coffees conscious of the unique circumstances in which each cup of coffee is consumed and of the satisfaction provided by its aroma, taste and creaminess.


We hope that this web page will help you to become more acquainted with Cafés Oquendo, as we bid you a warm welcome to our world of coffee making.


Rafael Piñera



The Firm

Certified company by ISO 9001, I.F.S Food and BRC and Food Safety Standard. Recognised by BID (Business Iniative Directions). Summit Award 2001, Superior Taste Award 2006 and International Food and Beverage Award 2006. Spain Producto del Año Award 2005 due to Cofibox.