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Cafés Oquendo, Key Role in Social Responsibility

X Jornada Solidaria Familiar del Colegio San Ignacio - Cafés Oquendo
Cafés Oquendo takes seriously its mission to help others and is committed to fulfilling its complex ethical responsibilities to the larger culture, to the employees, and to the society.

Apart from promoting altruistic and charitable programs or launching packaging design limited editions to raise money for the fight against cancer, Cafés Oquendo permanently works to supply basic needs to the most disadvantaged sections of society and collaborates with several NGOs and Charities to help underprivileged people.

The fundraising campaign launched by Oquendo to support the Spanish Cancer Association´s fight against breast cancer, The Off to Cambodia humanitarian Campaign -a project initiated by the company’s employees which aimed to help some of the poorest sectors of society there and to give them a better future-, the collaboration with the NGO Helsinki España focused on the respect and defense of human rights, or the donations made to Cáritas, Banco de Alimentos or Ningún Niño sin Cenar are examples of the company´s policy of social responsibility.